"Teruslah bergerak, hingga kelelahan itu lelah mengikutimu . Teruslah berlari, hingga kebosanan itu bosan mengejarmu. Teruslah berjalan, hingga keletihan itu letih bersamamu. Teruslah bertahan, hingga kefuturan itu futur menyertaimu. Tetaplah berjaga, hingga kelesuan itu lesu menemanimu" [KH Rahmat Abdullah]

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ketika cinta Si bahan kimia bertindak balas episod 1(KIMIA OH KIMIA!!)

Let`s we learn sUmTink aBout chemistry..actually Chemistry is very much part of our lives,yet most of us are not aware of it,..

Most of our food are moxture of naturally occurring chemicals..oTher than that Our houses are made from cement..concrete..steel ..glass..and plastics all of which are CHEMICALS!!!

Today Mrs Chemist want To share sumtink about chemistry with u All..

Chemistry is the study of the composition,structure,properties,and interaction of matter..
1st step..you must set On Ur mind Chmistry is Easy than Maths!!!..haha..
Did u kNow??knowledge of chemistry is necessaary to help us understands our materials World..

Now..just imagine you can create a living cat!!
Here are someb important ingredients you would need...
Carbon is the basic building block of all living being.Carbon C has the electron velence of 2.4
carbon ,a non metal element form covalent bonds with other non metal elements to achieve a stable electrin arrangenments..
Helps to clot the cat`s blood.Sulphur S is the from Group 16 as it has a velence electron of 6 and an electron arrangement of 2.8.6..
Need to build stong Bones..
needed to stay healthy ..a purplish -black solid at room condition ..is a group 17 elements..Actually, its exist as diatomic melecules at room condition..
Nacl which highly reactive group 1 elements..combines with the group 17 elements ..chlorine to form an ioanic compund..
Almost 67 of the cats body tissues consistsof water..two atoms of hydrogen plus one atomsof oxygen makes a water melecules.
iS a Vital component in the cats blood..Iron,Fe ia an example of a transition metals can form ions with diffrents axidation numbers hen forming compunds ..Iron shows theoxidation number 2+ and 3+..
Huhuhu..OwK..That`s all For Today FrOm Mrs ChEMIST..
Gud lUcKs FoR ALL STUdTzzz 5 sTec..
to be CoNtINUE